A New Court for Business Disputes

Washtenaw County now has a court that hears only business and commercial cases. It’s a special division of the circuit court. Here are some key facts.

  • Cases the Court Handles. The business court handles business and commercial actions in which all parties are business enterprises. It also handles cases between a business and an owner or former owner, manager, shareholder, member director, officer, or supplier. And it hears cases involving the sale, purchase, or finances of a business.
  • Some Examples. Cases the court handles include these:
    • Cases involving information technology, software, or the development, maintenance, or hosting of websites.
    • Cases involving the internal organization of a business, and the rights and obligations of owners, officers, directors, and managers.
    • Cases stemming from contracts or other business dealings.
    • Cases involving commercial transactions, business or commercial insurance policies, or commercial real estate.
  • Technology and Efficiency. When an electronic filing system is in place, a person starting a case in the business court need to use that system. And, in appropriate cases, teleconferencing can be used for hearings. Attorneys and parties can avoid travel to the courthouse.
  • Speedy Resolution of Disputes. The judge may encourage the parties to try mediating their dispute. An experienced mediator can help the parties reach a voluntary settlement of their case quickly and at minimum expense.

The attorneys at the Ann Arbor law firm of Hamilton, London, & Davis can represent you in the business court – whether you’re starting a lawsuit or are being sued. They can also assist in the negotiation, mediation or arbitration of business disputes.

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