Partners With You

We treat law practice as a collaborative effort. We work closely with our clients to help them accomplish their goals.

When you consult with one of us, typically we will:

  • Acquire information pertaining to your legal matter. This includes gaining a clear understanding of what you’d like to achieve.
  • Analyze your information in terms of the applicable legal principles and remedies.
  • Advise you on your options – including advice about the likely outcomes and costs.
  • Act according to your wishes. Perhaps you’ll ask us to draft a trust agreement or a demand letter. Maybe you’ll ask us to represent you in court or at a real estate closing. Or you may simply decide that, for now, no action should be taken. In any event, we’ll do our best to meet your needs.

Find out how we can work with you. To speak to a lawyer at the Ann Arbor firm of Hamilton, London, & Davis, PLC, please call 734-769-7500.

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