What We Offer

  • Accessibility. We promptly return our clients’ phone calls and email messages.
  • Convenient location. We're located in the Briarwood area. It's just a short drive from the University of Michigan's central campus and hospitals -- and we have ample free parking.
  • Extensive practice in all local courts. This includes the Circuit Court, District Court and Probate Court, as well as the Michigan appellate courts.
  • Experience in all phases of dispute resolution. We represent our clients not only in lawsuits; we also help to settle legal disputes through negotiation, mediation and arbitration.
  • Deep roots in the community. Each member of the firm has enjoyed many years of law practice in the Greater Ann Arbor area.
  • Comprehensive research facilities. We have access to cases and statutes through the acclaimed Casemaker data base, and we regularly tap into the full resources of the prestigious Institute of Continuing Legal Education.
  • Ongoing training. We attend professional seminars to keep abreast of current legal developments affecting our clients.
  • Recognition from the courts. Our attorneys are often appointed by the courts to serve on case evaluation panels – a process that helps settle lawsuits.

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