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Divorce and the Underwater House

Suppose you and your spouse are getting divorced and you’re working on a property settlement. What can you do if the mortgage balance on your home exceeds the home’s value? Consider these two scenarios. Scenario #1: You want to stay in… Read More
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Family Law Basics

The term “Family Law” covers a number of interrelated areas, including the ones summarized here. Divorce. Michigan law requires a complaint for divorce to be filed in a county where one or both of the parties reside. Because Mic… Read More
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Does a well supply water to your home? Does a septic system handle sewage disposal? In either case, before you sell, you’ll need to comply with Washtenaw County rules. The County Environmental Health Division enforces the rules. You’re… Read More
Do you know the steps in a typical lawsuit? If not, check out this outline. Complaint. The plaintiff (the person starting the lawsuit) files a Complaint with the Court Clerk stating what the case is about and the damages or other relief bei… Read More

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