Resolving Disputes

You know, of course, that lawyers represent clients in starting or defending a lawsuit. You may not be aware, however, that a lawyer can help you resolve a legal dispute by alternative methods – methods that usually cost less than litigation and may get the dispute settled more quickly. Here are some of the possibilities.

  • Negotiation. An experienced lawyer can help you reach a reasonable compromise with the other side.
  • Mediation. This is a non-binding form of dispute resolution. You and the other side hire a trained, neutral mediator to help both parties achieve a voluntary settlement. If this attempt fails, either party can still proceed with a lawsuit. Interestingly, when both sides sincerely want to settle, mediation is successful in over 80% of cases.
  • Arbitration. Here, you and the other side hire an arbitrator to listen to the facts of the dispute. The arbitrator makes a binding decision that resolves the dispute.

These alternative methods are available even if a lawsuit is already in progress.

The attorneys at the Ann Arbor firm of Hamilton, London, & Davis help clients resolve disputes through litigation or any of the alternative methods.

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