Getting Hurt at a Business Location

What happens if you go to the store, restaurant, or office, and get injured while you’re there?

Do you have a legal claim against the business?

You might. It depends on how the injury occurred.

Legal Duty

A business has a legal duty to use reasonable care to warn customers and clients about dangerous conditions or protect them from harm stemming from those conditions. The condition, for example, might be a wet floor that leads to a fall. Or it might be improperly stacked merchandise that can fall on a customer.

Limits on the Business’s Liability

A business doesn’t have legal liability for all dangerous conditions, however. You’ll have trouble successfully pursuing a claim, for example, if the dangerous condition was open and obvious.

If you’ve been injured while at a business location, the attorneys at the Ann Arbor law firm of Hamilton, London, & Davis can help you evaluate whether you have a legal claim, and your chances of receiving compensation.